West Bengal appeals to both East and West alike. It is a melting pot of different tastes, smells, and sounds. Here, literature is a way of life, and the scenery is beautiful. The air of Bengal smells of decadent sweets and rich culture. Aside from offering old vistas, colonial architecture, and hospitality sweeter than a roshogulla, West Bengal has a little something for every kind of traveler. There are historical places to explore, panoramic views of the Ganges, and a cuisine that can only be described as scrumptious.

Kolkata, West Bengal

         Kolkata, being the capital of West Bengal, is teeming with tourist attractions. Visit Victoria Memorial or Prinsep Ghat for a moment of peace. You can also pay homage to Maa Kali at Dakshineshwar Kali Temple or stroll through the bylanes (art lanes) of Kumartuli to view the idol-making process in action. Enjoy a hearty meal of Chelo Kebab at Peter Cat, Park Street, and a decadent fruitcake from Nahoum's, New Market


Darjeeling is the ideal place to relax on your holiday. Stunning views of the Himalayas, snow-clad mountains, and lush greenery make it a heaven on earth. The entire landscape is colorful and picture-perfect, with green tea leaves, red rhododendrons, white magnolias, birds of different kinds, and the snow-covered peak of Kanchenjunga. Here are the top destinations in Darjeeling.



   West Bengal's Bankura district is located in the west. Bankura has both a historic and artistic side. Some attractions boast of their historical significance and hiking trails that challenge you. These are some of the top destinations in Bankura.


As the 'Gateway to North East India', Siliguri enjoys a strategic location. It is known for its tea, timber, music scene, wildlife, and monastery (Salugara). It also boasts of multiple tea gardens, and a lush view to calm down your senses. Siliguri is what a doctor would recommend, as an antidote to the hustle and bustle of a metropolis.


Bagdogra is the ideal destination if you love vistas. Bagdogra's verdant tea gardens and majestic views of snow-capped mountains will charm and calm you at the same time. Blessed with rich flora and fauna, and the serene Teesta River, it is an ideal getaway to detox your senses. Bagdogra is also an entry point to other north-eastern states.


Medinipur, also known as Midnapore, is located in the west of Medinipur District. As it has some ancient temples and mosques, it is a famous pilgrimage center. The land has built monuments to its war heroes in memory of those who fought for independence. The following are some attractions in Midnapore.

Kalimpong, West Bengal

Kalimpong is a sleepy little hamlet located in Darjeeling's northern region. Don't be fooled by its first impression, however. There are many attractions in the town for tourists, including Neora National Park, Deolo Hill, Nature Interpretation Centre, Pratima Tagore House, and Dr Graham's Homes. In addition to visiting these sights, one can enjoy a memorable white water rafting experience on the Teesta River.

Sundarbans, West Bengal

A beautiful forest, the Sundarbans is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This bio-diverse area is also home to globally endangered species such as the Royal Bengal Tiger. Sundarbans are also one of the world's largest mangrove forests, formed at the confluence of the Ganges, Meghna, and Brahmaputra rivers. A place like this will make any nature enthusiast squeal with delight.

Kurseong, West Bengal

Kurseong, once a remote village, has developed leaps and bounds and is now one of the best tourist destinations in West Bengal. Known for its stunning white orchids and rare views of Mount Kanchenjunga, the area was once home to famous national and international thinkers such as Rabindranath Tagore and Mark Twain. You might even come up with your next winning creation during your visit here.


Bishnupur is known for its ancient temples dating back to the 15th century. The culture and arts flourished here; particularly, the rulers of the Malla empire were great patrons of painting and music. Temples here bear witness to the rich architecture of the past. The following are some of the best places to visit in Bishnupur.


The excellent topographical location of Jalpaiguri attracts many tourists who are passionate about nature. Since it is easy to access Darjeeling and Sikkim Himalayas from here, tourism thrives here. The following are some of the most important tourist destinations in Jalpaiguri.


Malda lies at the confluence of River Mahananda and Kalindi. Like many other places in West Bengal, this town too has its share in history. Called as English Bazaar in the past, Malda gives you a clear picture of its architectural splendor in the past. Here are the tourist destinations in Malda.

Cooch Behar

Jalpaiguri, a district in Cooch Behar, is located in the northeastern part of West Bengal. In its south and west lies the Indo-Bangladesh border. The land still bears many influences from the Mughal era. It is not only known for its ancient monuments but also for its large water bodies. The following are some important destinations in Cooch Behar.

Santiniketan, West Bengal

Santiniketan is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the former residence of Nobel Laureate Rabindranath Tagore. It is brimming with ideas, knowledge, and intellectual energy. Santiniketan involves a paradigm shift in perception about knowledge, arts, literature, and other finer things in life.

Enjoy to the beauty of West Bengal, admire the architectural building amazing food a vacation in West Bengal will really cheer you up. We will ensure picture-perfect photos forever green memory.